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Life in a Coliving House

Updated: Feb 27

How is life in a coliving community? Most of the time it is best to listen to the impressions of actual residents. In this article you will find answers to the question why Laura, Daniel, Belinda, Tania and Ruud chose Coliving.

Laura and Daniel - as a couple in a community

Also as a couple you have the possibility to live together in a coliving house. Laura and Daniel from Spain were among the first residents at Domo Vuelo in Kloten.

For Laura, the community means above all having a family far away from home. You make exciting experiences, share thoughts and have a lot of fun together. Being part of a community is therefore very valuable for her.

Daniel mainly chose Coliving because it is a wonderful way to meet new people. Especially when you move to a new city and know very few people. Also, he works remotely and doesn't go to an office, which makes it even more difficult to meet new people.

There are many advantages to living in a community. They both agree on that. You share certain things, which in turn reduces costs. We exchange ideas and network. That's very valuable for personal development.

Belinda Kreuzer - Start-up Founder in Coliving

Belinda has just founded her own start-up in the field of fitness, health & lifestyle and lives in Domo Tenna in Kloten. She had deliberately chosen Community Living as her future living arrangement. Why? When you move to a new city, coliving is a super alternative to a shared apartment. Especially if you've already had your own household, it's hard to get excited about a WG again. Coliving is different. You have your own room and your own bathroom. But when you feel like company, you seek out the common areas.

What did the current Corona pandemic have to do with the decision?

Unlike other people, Belinda doesn't appreciate working alone from home. She is a very social person and needs to interact. Sitting in her own four walls from morning to night was not something she wanted to do in the long run. And so she came to the conclusion that coliving is just the right form of living for her. If not now, then perhaps never...

Interview with Tania & Ruud

Our Founder & CEO Johannes talks to Tania, Architect from Spain and Ruud Consultant from Holland. Both moved into Domo Vuelo during the Corona pandemic and talk about their experiences.

Both made a conscious decision to live in a community. It is the perfect opportunity to meet new people in a new country. This advantage is amplified during a pandemic; at a time when you have to reduce social contacts, it's nice to live with a lot of people.

Ruud had to go into quarantine after entering Switzerland. He was allowed to experience a particularly warm welcome. The other residents immediately accepted him into the community and cooked for him or did the shopping. He did not feel alone from the beginning. This gave him a nice feeling to start a new chapter.

To hear more personal impressions and experiences from Tania & Ruud, watch the video.

Become part of our community - apply now!

If this lifestyle appeals to you, apply for a room with us today.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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