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Meet the TomoDomo Team – Your Coliving Experts. About us

Our story

We believe that life in a community comes with more joy and personal growth than life on your own. 
By intentionally sharing our living space,
we build deeper 
connections and inspire ourselves and others to have more joy and purpose in our lives.
Founder of TomoDomo

Our mission

Our mission is to create vibrant and supportive communities that foster personal growth and meaningful connections. We believe that by living together, sharing spaces, and collaborating on projects and activities, we can form deep and lasting relationships that enrich our lives.

But we also recognize that building community takes time and effort. That's why we've designed our coliving spaces to encourage social interaction and provide opportunities for to get to know each other. From communal kitchens and living areas to organized events and activities, we aim to create an environment where we feel comfortable and encouraged to connect.

At TomoDomo, we believe that coliving can be a powerful force for positive change in our cities.


By bringing people together, we create a more connected, supportive, and sustainable world.

Our values


By living together, we create shared experiences and make new friends. Openness and curiosity characterises us. Community is not something we can buy, but something we create together every day.


We enjoy our home and love its coziness. Our retreat is beautiful to encourage creativity and inspiration. Our living space is important to us and we all contribute in keeping it beautiful.


We want to learn from each other, discover new things and develop ourselves in the process. Through shared experiences and leaving our comfort zone, we grow personally and as a community.

The team

Aimee Bolt
Business Operations

Aimee is a jack of all trades and supports TomoDomo with her diverse skills. 

TomoDomo team - Aimee Bolt
TomoDomo team - Jennifer Krass

Jenni plans the interior design of the coliving buildings and designs a beautiful home for everyone with creative solutions and beautiful furniture.

Jennifer Krass 
Design Team
TomoDomo team - Nicole Heim
Nicole Heim 
Design Team

Nicole develops design concepts for the TomoDomo houses and creates spaces that bring people together.

Byron Spillman
Hospitality Manager

Byron steers the ship at our Zurich communities, where he harmonises his love for bringing people together with a flair for hospitality

TomoDomo team - Johannes Peter, SEO
Johannes Peter
CEO & Founder

Johannes loves real estate and building communities.

That's why he started TomoDomo.

Selina von Niederhäusern
Hospitality Manager

Selina lives and breathes hospitality. Her passion lies in creating great events to spark community growth.

Hanna Krampen
Hospitality Manager

Hanna loves bringing people together through events and gatherings. She is looking after our communities in Kloten.

Michael Müller 
Head Hospitality

Michael likes to be inspired by nature, colors & people and loves to create harmonious connections with it.

TomoDomo team - Sandro Kummer
Sandro Kummer
Construction & Acquisition

Sandro builds our beautiful houses and always has his eye open for the next exciting Project.

TomoDomo team - Patricija Bronic
Patricija Bronic
Hospitality Manager

Patricija looks after our community in Basel. She loves bringing people together in our coliving homes.

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