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TomoDomo: Building Success Through Partnership

Partner with us

TomoDomo helps property owners to build and operate coliving properties in the urban centres of Switzerland.

Value for residents, owners and

the planet

TomoDomo coliving - Value for residents, owners and the planet
Elevate Coliving with TomoDomo Partnership. Join us for success!

Our team of experienced real estate developers and architects supports you from project planning, financing to construction and operation.

Our coliving buildings achieve higher net yields than traditional residential or commercial buildings. Key drivers are efficient floor plans, higher occupancy, professional building management and excellent product market fit.


Together we create living space that offers a higher quality of life while protecting the environment and resources.

Project steps

  • Property Management
  • Renovation
  • New development
  • Analyze building floor plan
  • Define room size and number
  • Market and feasibility study
Project analysis
  • Lease contract
  • Management contract
  • Financing through Tomodomo
Structure partnership
  • Renovation, remodeling or new construction
  • Setup and commissioning
  • Operation and administration
Launch product

Do you own a building or project?

Learn more about our coliving concept, our process and our partnership and management model. We would be pleased to prepare a feasibility study if your project is suitable for our coliving model.

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